Tuesday, September 22, 2009


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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mind Flayer #1


Mind Flayer #1 is out! 8 half-size pages of small text designed to FLAY YOUR MIND. Dynamic Optimism & Virtue Free From Moralism is the aim, as well as spreading information about the Misanthropic Horror of the Were Trees, the folly of "Social Evolution" theory & Progressive Politics, Jim Jones: Model Communist, Radical Traditionalism, The Swinging Satan's Pendulum, my own "The Emerald Fist" column, hot & not trends for the now & Considering Green Anarchy. About as much jammed into this as your average larger zine. Get yourself this issue & the next issue by mail, for a mere, solitary DOLLAR. You can paypal gogoblinko@gmail.com or you can send us a well-hidden dollar via the post. To Mind Flayer pobox 12044 Eugene OR 97440 USA.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Coney Island West

Back in the 80s, the best time to get cool gear like leather gloves & pyramid bracelets was Halloween. In the 80s, lots of kids dressed up like "Punk Rockers", "Metal Heads" & "Rock Stars" using those ridiculous multi-colored Ziggy Stardust mullet wigs as a base. There is something weirdly similar in the old style of novelty & magic shop & the old style of Rock & Roll street gear shop. This all meets in the pages of old Johnson Smith catalogs. Unfortunately, with the economy totally tanking & real world shops being compromised by the internet, those proper old style novelty & gear shops are few & far between. They were usually run by older men who smoked cigars & pipes, in the store. They were poorly lit. Everything looked like it had been made in the late fifties & early sixties, before the Hippies took over, even if it was new.

A big part of this line of thinking for me has to do with how people spend their time & their money. Since it has been so cheap & easy to fly to a foreign country & take a vacation there, lots of money that could be being spent in little shops in the USA is being dumped on cheap drinks & folk arts in other countries. Before jet tickets were so cheap, people took their vacations at sea-side resorts, not the kind where you just sun-tan & snorkel the whole time while 3rd worlders attend to your "needs", no, but sea-side resorts filled with freak shows, Vaudeville acts, dance-halls, candy stores, tattoo parlours, magic & novelty shops, records stores, smoke shops, book stores, bars, restaurants & most importantly: amusement parks, IN AMERICA.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Left wing, right wing, you can stuff the lot.

"Black man’s got his problems & his way to deal with it. So don’t fool yourself you’re helping with your white liberal shit. If you care to take a closer look at the way things really stand, You’d see we’re all just niggers to the rulers of this land.” ~CRASS