Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Demons & Devils for Labyrinth Lord.

Dungeons & Dragons could get very weird what with journeying through hell & the planes & everything. Here's more of my demons & devils for Labyrinth Lord.
Nalfeshnee: Nalfeshnees are enormous demons that judge new souls arriving on the Abyss.
Marilith: THe Marilith are cruel & cunning demons that love battle.
Ice: The frigid eighth plane of Hell is populated in the main with ice devils. Being greater devils, they have personal names.
Pit Fiend: Lord of devils, with great strength and deadly power.
Hezrou: Hezrous are obedient demons who are eager to serve more powerful demons and summoners.
Orcus: Orcus is a very old demon. Like many of the most powerful demon lords who struggle for power in the Abyss, Orcus started his existence as a mortal on the Prime Plane. He was apparently a wicked spellcaster of some sort, most probably a priest to some dark deity. After his death, his soul, like the souls of all chaotic evil mortals, went to the Abyss and Orcus began his afterlife as a lowly larva. Orcus proceeded to climb through the demonic ranks in the next several thousand years, going from larva to mane, from mane to dretch, from dretch to rutterkin, from rutterkin to vrock, from vrock to glabrezu, from glabrezu to nalfeshnee and eventually a balor. From there, he ascended to the rank of demon lord, becoming the Prince of the Undead and ruling the layer of Thanatos, the Belly of Death. Even though there are other demon lords aspiring to the title of "Prince of the Undead", Orcus' claim to the title has gone unchallenged for the most part. Ever hungry for more power, Orcus wanted to be recognized as "Prince of Demons", a title held by Demogorgon and coveted also by Graz'zt. As a result, he became the arch-enemy of both demon lords. In time, Orcus also achieved true godhood.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mind Flayer #1


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Friday, September 4, 2009

Coney Island West

Back in the 80s, the best time to get cool gear like leather gloves & pyramid bracelets was Halloween. In the 80s, lots of kids dressed up like "Punk Rockers", "Metal Heads" & "Rock Stars" using those ridiculous multi-colored Ziggy Stardust mullet wigs as a base. There is something weirdly similar in the old style of novelty & magic shop & the old style of Rock & Roll street gear shop. This all meets in the pages of old Johnson Smith catalogs. Unfortunately, with the economy totally tanking & real world shops being compromised by the internet, those proper old style novelty & gear shops are few & far between. They were usually run by older men who smoked cigars & pipes, in the store. They were poorly lit. Everything looked like it had been made in the late fifties & early sixties, before the Hippies took over, even if it was new.

A big part of this line of thinking for me has to do with how people spend their time & their money. Since it has been so cheap & easy to fly to a foreign country & take a vacation there, lots of money that could be being spent in little shops in the USA is being dumped on cheap drinks & folk arts in other countries. Before jet tickets were so cheap, people took their vacations at sea-side resorts, not the kind where you just sun-tan & snorkel the whole time while 3rd worlders attend to your "needs", no, but sea-side resorts filled with freak shows, Vaudeville acts, dance-halls, candy stores, tattoo parlours, magic & novelty shops, records stores, smoke shops, book stores, bars, restaurants & most importantly: amusement parks, IN AMERICA.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Left wing, right wing, you can stuff the lot.

"Black man’s got his problems & his way to deal with it. So don’t fool yourself you’re helping with your white liberal shit. If you care to take a closer look at the way things really stand, You’d see we’re all just niggers to the rulers of this land.” ~CRASS

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Sid in Paris with Sex Pistols product commercials. This is the way 50% of commercials & movies should look & sound. Period.

Danny James just reminded me about Bugout Society's "The Saved Sid's Brain" video. I think we had taped it off public access TV. Bugout Society dresses exactly how poor dudes in Eugene dress with those sweatshirt flannel combinations, cheap jeans, sneakers & ball hats.

I'm remembering all of the talk about "Sid Vicious" type Punks & how much shit people would talk about them. Punk was funny because it was like a dog chasing its tail... or more weirdly, an ouroboros. On one hand it supposedly set out to destroy Rock & Roll & everything else, but it was so obviously a complete product of Rock & Roll that you'd get all this contrary insanity. Sid's appeal is obvious. He's a skinny Frankenstein.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Sean's art is unpredictable and eclectic by design so perhaps a defining aspect is the shape-shifting "trickster" element that informs his approach. He's not afraid to pull his viewer's pants down for laughs, hit below the cultural belt or call the dreaded tickle police to the scene of the crime. For many years he employed the pseudonym "Goblin" and I think this nickname embodied both the playful and sinister aspects of his work. Imagine the Norse god Loki resurrected as a bubble gum chewing Frankenstein's monster with an army of gremlins that have been fed after midnight at his command. That's Sean's defining aspect." ~Dennis Dread

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Plague Ghoul!

Before you start reading, make sure to start your soundtrack to this blog post.

When i was a kid, there was this store called "Games of Berkeley", which still exists, but it isn't what it used to be anymore. Anyhow, it was long & funny shaped & you'd go in past all of the board games & chess games & kites & puzzles & boring stuff like that to the back part of the store which contained these giant glass cases of miniatures all open & out of their packages with little letter/number codes next to them. You'd write down the codes of the miniatures you wanted & give them to the skinny nerdy white guy with the afro & he'd go get the actual miniatures from the back. They had an INSANE selection. Half of the fun when i was that age was just looking at all the insane crap & trying to figure out how to get as many figures as possible with the least amount of money. There were weird things amidst all of the knights, barbarians, orcs & demons... there were dungeon torture rooms with naked ladies in chains! There were naked ladies being sacrificed on pentagrams! In the 80s, there were an insane number of miniature producers operating, half of them being some guy in his garage with a bunch of molds & melting lead in an old pan. I knew one of those types... i wanted to live in his garage with the awesome bootleg Lord of the Rings miniatures.

Anyhow, when you're a kid you don't entirely appreciate what you're experiencing & maybe get trapped into ideas of "best" & "progress"... because you're growing up. Nothing wrong with that. But looking back, the total chaos of the miniatures world back then was an insanely rich, rotting filth pool of gloriously distorted imagination... complete with sulfurous odors farting out of the murk (started painting figures with ye olde Testors)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Total Death

There's too much shit out there for our human brains to process in the proper way so things just aren't making sense anymore. If you live in a totally culturally destabilized country like the USA with never ending media streams it's even worse. It makes people retarded. We're still trying to process these media streams from decades ago & that's the people who are even trying. I don't believe in the concept of simplicity, but i do know that control is important for creating stability & that chaos is important for destabilization. Young minds are being completely destabilized by all of this shit.

True Norwegian Black Metal - Part 1
From Vice TV, came up on The Bad Apple.

As the mist clears, Middle Earth appears.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tolkien on Politics

“My political opinions lean more and more to Anarchy (philosophically understood, meaning abolition of control not whiskered men with bombs) — or to ‘unconstitutional’ Monarchy. I would arrest anybody who uses the word State (in any sense other than the inanimate realm of England and its inhabitants, a thing that has neither power, rights nor mind); and after a chance of recantation, execute them if they remain obstinate!… Government is an abstract noun meaning the art and process of governing and it should be an offence to write it with a capital G or so as to refer to people… The most improper job of any man, even saints, is bossing other men. Not one in a million is fit for it, and least of all those who seek the opportunity." ~JRR Tolkien

Sunday, August 2, 2009


If this song came in a can, i'd drink it whenever my energy was low.

One day, maybe they'll have canned Wunderbar by Ed Tenpole Tudor.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Vicious Cycles

More bikers without bikes here...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Manowar on Awkward Kid's Show Doing Gloves of Metal

Check out the Ricky Schroedered out host of this show having a hard time talking to Manowar.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Are You Being Served?

I place a high priority on tradition & properness. I always have, but it's not a standard traditionalism, i make my own rules, they are of course culled from our shared reality, i don't just pull this stuff out of my bottom. Nor should you. All of these traditions & "proper ways of doing things" carry a deeper, hidden code, a way of explaining things without using too many words. So much of what has been introduced to our world through the cold conveyor belts of modernism has been without cultural presentation & is just dumped off into our lives with an instruction manual that only pertains to functional use, not symbolic cultural existence. We are all the poorer for this.

You could build an entire civilization using reruns of "Are You Being Served?" & things wouldn't be too bad, a bit tarty, but that never hurt anyone. You could build an unbelievably pleasant world using the works of Richard Scarry. If you've got a kid, make sure to include as many of his older books in your library as possible, they teach a visual cultural language that is unrivaled in picture books. Even though i grew up in a world that looked very little like that in Richard Scarry's books, i always knew his view was right, was correct & should be emulated!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From the Past Comes the Future

One of the more unfortunate elements of living in such materialistic times is the general non-understanding of what actual quality of life is about. When the majority of the culture is transmitted by quasi-demonic entities in the mass media whose first job is to control your mind & your time & whose second job is to sell you things, the culture is pretty bad off. Lots of things end up sliding through the cracks & with discipline & vision, one is able to piece something together that actually resembles how we'd like things to be. As a kid, you piece together your own culture with whatever is out there. I was always obsessed with swords & sorcery & even better, when swords & sorcery entered into the post-apocalyptic world, which gave me hope that one day, i'd be able to actually live in such a world.
There is this huge emphasis placed on visual quality & slickness which i find to be so disgusting & obnoxious. What is the point of polishing a turd? It's still a turd, no matter how many pixels it is rendered into, or how shiny & 3-dimensional its soundtrack is. However, a tiny little demon figure, sculpted by some anonymous person & sold on the cheap, or even better, bought in an enormous bag at a used toy store resonates so powerfully with me, as it was a focal point for my mighty imagination.

When all dimensions have been rendered, where is the place for the imagination, for the unknown & for further exploration? When everything is explained, where is the room to move? If all the holes have been filled in, how do we escape from the controlled reality?
This isn't an argument for rawness or unpolished facades as a means to an end, this is about understanding what the actual potential for cultural artifacts is about, as opposed to not being able to see beyond the veneer of the thing. All cultural artifacts should be keys to larger, more meaningful areas of existence, not just pretty things or wastes of time.
I have maintained a deliberately rough style in order to leave that space for imagination & for the importance of the content & for the inspiration to shine through. When everything is given, what more is there for us to do? This is the same argument i have against government handouts. What lacks in the world should be a motivator, not an impediment. People who want everything handed over to them, things done for them & things overly explained are vampiric monsters.
Doing more with less is another key lesson in all of this. Limitations bring the best out in us, as long as we do not resent the limitations. If you don't even understand the idea of limitations, the better you are off. Resentment makes you into a little bitch.
You will find that when people are presented with unlimited choice, they tend to make bad decisions.
More about Fairlight here, including MP3s of the songs.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Who Killed Bambi?

This song must be played at my funeral as loud as possible.
Murder murder murder
Someone should be angry
The crime of the century
Who shot little Bambi
Never trust a hippie
'Cause I love punky Bambi
I'll kill to find the killer
In that rotten roll army
All the spikey punkers
Believers in the ruins
With one big shout
They all cry out
Who killed Bambi?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bikers without Bikes

Growing up in the late 70s & 80s meant alot of media exposure to "Punks as Villains", especially in English media or in movies about the eventual & dark future. Road Warrior is the best example of this. The Cartoon Punk: mohawk or charged hair, combat boots, leather jacket covered with paint & studs & spikes, bullet belt, bondage gear, torn jeans, safety pin through the eye etc, was really just the next stage of the Greaser, with just a crazier version of that type of get up. Bikers without bikes. This style is so visually powerful that it will undoubtedly last forever. There will be kids decked out in all this stuff when we're living on space stations in the Quasar 5 Galaxy. Seriously. BUT, what's kind of amusing to me is that Punk spread through a few different vehicles, & each vehicle has its own kind of adherent. One of the main ones was the written word in Maximum Rockn'Roll, which being a voice specific to the San Francisco Bay Area & all of that place's peculiarities, delivered a certain message & catered to a certain kind of uptight "progressive" record nerd that to me, is contrary to that true Rock & Roll spirit that is found in things like leather pants, razor blades, short skirts & fire. All of that rigid tribalism was really part of the national character in the 80s, but it has all pretty much disintegrated. Anyhow, the first generation of Punks was totally freaked out by this next stage of Punk: the Punk Rocker, the Street Punk, the Cartoon Punk. Thuggish, crazed & free, the working class 2nd wave Punk was a nightmare to the original art school scene. Stan from @//Political tried hard to convince me that Vyvyan from the Young Ones was not a Punk, but was a Metal Head. Gone were the artistic pretenses, obvious creativity was thrown out for a canon of symbolic concepts relating to power, fear, sex & aggression. Out went the connection with the gay scene & in came raging homo-eroticism. In came the uniform, in came tradition, in came codified behavior, all things that original Punk seemed to be against. The revolutionaries & their existencialist crises were swept away by the crazed louts who saw in the freedom of Punk a new opportunity to misbehave. And God bless them for it.
One Way System - Jerusalem & No Return

Broken Bones - Decapitated

GBH - Generals

The Exploited - Dogs of War

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Of Import: Punch & Judy

My hero Punch is a deformed, child-murdering, wife-beating sociopath who commits appalling acts of violence & cruelty upon all those around him & escapes with impunity. The terms punchline & slapstick come from the Punch & Judy shows of old. Unlike so many present-day characters, Punch can be taken up by anyone who wants to use him. He is part of our common western culture. Because of this, what might seem like a very simple character is imbued with layers & layers of historical & cultural resonance. Despite having grown up in Oakland, California, i managed to see quite a few Punch & Judy shows. I honestly have no idea how this happened.

"In my opinion the Street Punch is one of those extravagant reliefs from the realities of life which would lose its hold upon the people if it were made moral and instructive. I regard it as quite harmless and as an outrageous joke which no one in existence would think of regarding as an incentive to any kind of action or as a model for any kind of conduct. It is possible, I think, that one secret source of pleasure very generally derived from this performance is the satisfaction the spectator feels in the circumstances that likenesses of men and women can be so knocked about without any pain or suffering." ~Charles Dickens

Punch & Judy & Christmas. My heart is swelling with good thoughts of childhood.

Friday, June 26, 2009

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Planting the Seeds of Revolution

In 1997 i played drums for the Baltimore based Peace Punk band A//Political. Even then, when i was still marginally towing the leftist line, it was a funny mix. Musically it wasn't, i'm a great Punk Rock drummer, faster than anyone out there as far as i know. Lyrically, the whole Peace Punk thing is not where i'm at in any way shape or form. Peace Punks are like Skinheads, in that they are programmed to fight each other. Peace Punks fight with political theory, which is more boring than fighting with boots & chains if you ask me. It's also more frustrating. Anyhow, as far as i am concerned, there is nothing more obnoxious than someone telling you how to think or what to do or any of that stuff, that is my connection to anarchism. You want to tell me what to do? Fuck off. Period. Peace Punks are essentially Stalinists in smelly trousers who don't have the balls to actually create the nightmare state which will insure that everyone is mentally healthy, because they know that a nightmare state is a nightmare, so they end up in this cyclical mind-fuck of depression caused by their undeniable failure as a cultural phenomenon, but they have a fetish for the idea of Peace Punk & so they stick to it. One of my other biggest peeves is people who are always being oppressed by everything. A//Political have a song called "Stop Thinking & Pogo" which i suppose is a criticism of the Punks who are into Punk because they want to try to have some fun. They also have a song called Punk is a Ghetto, which is true, but it's a self-inflicted ghetto. Choice. Anyhow, i just wanted to write a bit about this, because i just saw Angel, the founder & lead-guitarist & co-vocalist for A//Political up in Portland. He doesn't like me anymore because of my views & general demeanor i imagine, as i don't tow the Anarcho Communist line & think all of that politics shit is a waste of time anyhow. They had a song called, It's Not About Politics, It's About Life, a sentiment, which i agreed with completely, but once again, friendships were discarded over doctrinaire disagreements more than i've ever seen in that little world. I've known similar people who i thought were friends over the years, who will choose their political convictions over friendship every time. I think they're cowards & possibly the worst kind of people on the planet.
YOU CAN DOWNLOAD & READ MORE HERE... That's a link to the demo i'm playing drums on. I did some song arranging as well.
In the end, it comes down to friendship & character. Here's a lyrical transcription of their song, "Stop Thinking & Pogo", a real anti-fun anti-culture bolshevik call to arms. Reminds of the time we went to go protest a Shriner Circus because it had animals, i was just along for the ride. These black-clad anarcho-commies were handing out propaganda to all these nice little families who just wanted to see the circus. When the head of the circus came out in full clown get-up to plead with them to leave, & i saw the looks of dread on the parents face as the "Punks" handed out PETA coloring books to their kids, i knew i was on the wrong side.

When we went up to Portland to see the Entartete Kunts show & take the boys to the zoo, there was a large mob of PETA people protesting the zoo having elephants. Once again, freakily dressed anti-traditional types trying to ruin the fun of lots of regular old working-class families. These people are the shock-troops of the New World Order, their job is to destroy tradition & to temporarily fill the gap with bureaucratic psychotherapy culture. They are out to weaken us, to take away our traditions, to destabilize the basic organizing unit of tradition, the family & everything else that keeps the general mass from being totally dependent on the state.
space ork
The seeds of revolution had definitely been planted in me, i left Baltimore fully understanding that i did not want to have anything to do with the left.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Anarchist Problem by Bob Black

"Anarchists may make lousy comrades but they're excellent customers."
As i have faced growing up & becoming responsible while at the same time trying to reconcile my own identity or at least leanings as a Punk Rocker & as an Anarchist, i have made many conclusions quietly & to myself. Old Punks & Anarchists can only maintain their involvement in the scene through some kind of role as a merchant. Anarchists sell books. Punks sell music. This then revealed another obvious but strangely profound fact: Anarchists read books, Punks listen to music & these are the central points to both identities. I never got into Bob Black because of my superficial gleaning of his "The Abolition of Work", which i have profound gut reactions against. Even though i essentially agree with the idea, & i appreciate the swipe at Marxists & there are alot of cherry quotes like this, "All industrial (and office) workers are employees and under the sort of surveillance which ensures servility." I have also been exposed to this essay's fruits. Anyhow, this particular essay "My Anarchist Problem" makes some excellent observations on anarchism which i found to be wholly comforting in their agreeability.

by Bob Black

Anarchism has always been problematic for me. It helped me to arrive at an unconditionally anti-statist, anti-capitalist perspective by the mid-1970's, and yet my first public statement from that perspective explained why I did not identify with anarchism. By dictionary definition, I am an anarchist, but the dictionary is only the beginning of wisdom. It cannot bestow coherence where contradictions abound or reduce differences to a unity by calling them by the same name.

Once an idea is launched into history it takes more and more of its meaning from its experience. Revivalist calls to return to first principles prove the point, for they are history too. And just as no Protestant sect has ever really recreated the primitive Church, no subsequent anarchist fundamentalism ever did or could reenact pure anarchism on Bakuninist, Kropotkinist or any other models. Anything which has entered importantly into the practice of the anarchists has a place in the anarchist phenomenon-in-process, whether or not it is logically deducible from the idea or even contradicts it. Sabotage, vegetarianism, assassination, pacifism, free love, co-operatives and strikes are all aspects of anarchism which their anarchist detractors try to dismiss as un-anarchist.

To call yourself an anarchist is to invite identification with an unpredictable array of associations, an ensemble which is unlikely to mean the same thing to any two people, including any two anarchists. (The most predictable is the least accurate: the bomb-thrower. But anarchists have thrown bombs and some still do.)

The trouble with anarchists is that they think they have agreed on what they all oppose -- the state -- whereas all they have agreed on is what to call it. You could make a good case that the greatest anarchists were nothing of the sort. Godwin wanted the state to wither away, but gradually, and not before the progress of enlightenment prepared people to do without it. Which seems to legitimate really existing statism and culminate in the banality that if things were different they would not be the same. Proudhon, who served in the French national legislature, in the end arrived at a theory of "federalism" which is nothing but the devolution of most state power on local governments. Kropotkin's free communes may not be nation-states but they sure sound like city-states. Certainly no historian would regard as anything but ludicrous Kropotkin's claim that medieval cities were anarchist.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Manowar - Gloves of Metal

If you want to know what this is all about.

Hear the pounding army of the night. The call of metal summons us tonight
And gather we on this site. To behold the power and the might
We wear leather, we wear spikes, we rule the night.
Off with the lights, hear the screams. See the banging heads awaken to their dreams.
The sound of metal so loud it cracks the beams.
Played by warriors called the Metal Kings.
A hero's welcome for those who heed the call.
We are together, we are all. With hands high fists fill the air
Against the world we stand. Hands high forever we'll be there,
Gloves of Metal rule tonight. Yea. A hero's welcome for those who heed the call.
We are together, we are all. With hands high fists fill the air
Against the world we stand. Hands high forever we'll be there,
Gloves of Metal rule tonight. Yea.
Leather, Metal, Spikes and Chains
Gloves of Metal raised to show the brave.
Into the darkness march the armies of the night. Bound by metal we live the fight.
We wear leather, we wear spikes, we rule the night
With hands high fists fill the air. Against the world we stand.
Hands high forever we'll be there, Gloves of Metal rule tonight. Yea

Apocalypse Punx & Bird-faced Goblin gits.

Bird-faced Goblin Git
John the Cook has put together the Apocalypse Punx Guide to Food Preservation. Unlike most Punk oriented cook-books, this one isn't vegan, because after the bomb, no one is vegan, believe you me. I've come to suspect that promoting veganism amongst the punks is a way to keep them weak either way. Anyhow, i knocked out this cover for the pamphlet which i am very excited to see in the fall.
Apocalypse Punx Guide To Food Preservation
Motörhead - I Got Mine

This is the soundtrack for today! I found a straight-razor at the flea market. Look out! Katie got me Van Halen & Def Leppard cloissoine pins

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No Age Can Destroy It

Directions, before reading this post, click on the youtube video below of Emperor doing "I am the Black Wizards". This is the theme music for your visit to this blog. Okay, now you can start reading.
"No age will escape my wrath. I travel through time & I return to the future. I gather wisdom now lost. I visit again the eternally ancient caves."
I turned 33 this June 7th. Jesus Christ was crucified at 33, i imagine that this was because he had fully developed his amazing techniques for being a total pain in the ass & the powers that be decided to get rid of him. Of course, killing Christ transformed him from a man into something much more than a man. Anyhow, i realized at some point recently that i had a major Christ complex when i was in high school... Catholic high school. I most have been possessed. Anyhow, Jesus would have definitely not done well in Catholic school either! But now, now that i'm 33 i think Jesus is quite the foolish fellow. I still suffer from prophetic drives, i have the bizarre urge to travel to the top of a mountain & hole myself away in a little shack scribbling away at my Great Work... but either way, i am always spreading my philosophy wherever i go, regardless of whether it is apparent or not. At 33, all of this is definitely burbling out of me at a greater volume than before & i have made an agreement with myself, or is it my other self, to turn that very volume up to 11 & blow out the fucking amplifiers. Goblinism is in the ascendant. I'm quite sure that i don't want to drive this car off the cliff into symbolic existence, but i'm pretty sure i'm going to be close to the edge this year.
Fun reading on the double-headed eagle.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

White Dwarf #1

It doesn't entirely sit right with me that one of my favorite magazines of all time is White Dwarf. This is partially because of the same uncomfortable relationship i have with the world of fantasy & gaming, but these transgressions are redeemed because of WHY i am interested in the world of fantasy & the vehicles that fantasy uses to be expressed in the real world. Just as in the previous Varg Vikernes & John Blanche posts, the world of fantasy is my idealism. It isn't a perfect world, in fact, it is made richer by the types of nasty things that lurk within, but it is a much more romantic & meaningful world than the world in which we live. I spent a while trying to live in the real world, i always try, i'm always making sure i've got a firm footing on the soil of reality, but it is never satisfying. I'm not sure if this is right or wrong, but it's the way it is, & it's the way it has always been for me. The goal is to merge the two, obviously many of the aspects of the fantastic world are impossible, however, alot of them aren't. My dream of having a walled roadhoouse out in the countryside to go drink at & then crash in a simple, unadorned room. Or space travel! Space piracy! These things are all possible. I'm increasingly feeling that i owe it to myself & my sons & you to bring these things into reality. Fantastic games & art & music are the beginning, they are inspirational seeds or tastes of what we could have. Here's White Dwarf #1 in PDF form if you weren't lucky enough to procure an issue for yourself on a raiding mission long ago. Thanks to the characters at The Gnome's Lair for this one!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Varg is Free!

Varg Vikernes has been released from prison after 16 years. Check out the official website.
Here's why i'm interested in Varg Vikernes.
"In my teenage interpretation I pretty much saw the Hobbits as children or simply boring. The dwarves reminded me too much of greedy capitalist-pigs and they too were pretty boring. Their rules were cool and Moria was a wonderful place, but I disliked their greed vehemently - and who wants to be short anyhow? The elves were fascinating, beautiful and especially their immortality and closeness to nature was cool, but they were kind of dull and they fought for the wrong side. Instead I felt a natural attraction to Sauron, who was the person who gave the world adventure, adversity and challenges in the first place. His One Eye, the One Ring and the tower of Barad-Dur are all attributes similar to those of Óðinn. The One Eye was like Óðinn's eye, the One Ring was like Óðinn's ring, Draupnir ("Dripper"), and Barad-Dur was like the tower or throne of Óðinn, called Hliðskjálf ("Secret Ritual-Site"). His Uruk-Hai and Olog-Hai ("Troll-Race") were like Viking berserkers, the Warges were like Óðinnic werewolves, and so forth. I could easily identify with the fury of the "dark forces", and enjoyed their existence very much because they were making a boring and peaceful world dangerous and exciting.

I grew up reading the traditional Scandinavian fairy tales, where the Pagan gods are presented as "evil" creatures, as "trolls" and "goblins", and we all know how the inquisition turned Freyr (Cernunnos/Dionysus/Bacchus et cetera) into "Satan". Tolkien was no better. He had turned Óðinn into Sauron and my Pagan forefathers into the fighting Uruk-Hai. To me the "dark forces" attacking Gondor were like the Vikings attacking Charlemagne's Christian France, the "dark forces" attacking Rohan were like the Vikings attacking the Christian England. And I may add; the Vikings eventually lost their war as well, just like Sauron and the orcs did - and I didn't mind supporting the loosing part. I have always believed in doing what is right, regardless of the consequences, and if I was fighting for a lost cause it didn't matter. I would rather die fighting for what I believe in, than live for anything else." Check out the library section of the website, lots of good reading to be done there.
The end of this video is like a Northern Heathenist Sesame Street with, "algiz, mannaz, sōwilō".

Monday, June 1, 2009

Entartete Kunts III: Metal & Punk Underground Art show.


ENTARTETE KUNTS returns to Portland in June 2009! The third annual underground art exhibit curated by Dennis Dread explores the intersection of imagery/sound and celebrates the incendiary art of metal and punk without a trace of irony. "Entartete Kunts” is a bastardization of the German term “degenerate art” and a snide reference to the 1937 Nazi purging of all art deemed objectionable by "Der Führer". An unfortunate pun but strangely appropriate for this gathering of unrepentant iconoclasts who stand boldly "outside" in every way. Entartete Kunts is in fact a very special exhibition that assembles some of the most devoted artists from around the world for a rare glimpse into a thriving and still largely renegade culture. Negative space? This is WAR!


The exhibition will be on display from June 4th through June 30th at The Life Gallery in downtown Portland, Oregon with an official Artist Reception on Friday, June 19. Many of the artists will be in attendance and DJ’s will be blasting vintage vinyl into the Witching Hour! Our allies at The Life Gallery have made special arrangements and will not take any percentage of sales from this show. That means if the artists sell their work, the artists keep all the money. This sort of deal is unheard of in the "art world". So come out for the Artist Reception June 19th and BUY ART! You’ll walk away with a piece of history knowing you did your part to support creative resistance in this age of desperate conformity, impotent angst, and just plain old boring decency.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ian Miller - HP Lovecraft Covers

UK based Games Workshop did alot of us a favor in the 80s by approaching the production of their games in a totally insane way. Lots of atmospheric source material, fantastic graphic design & top of the line artists, but not "top of the line" in terms of just being good renderers or looking "professional", that's what we've got now, dry & boring, no, Games Workshop artists tended to actually be ARTISTS. Ian Miller was probably the most ART of all of the Games Workshop crew. Honestly, it didn't really make sense to have an artist like Ian Miller doing art for war-games aimed at 12 year olds, BUT, this was an advanced move that has placed that 80s Games Workshop product in a realm of its own, taking it so far beyond the imagined limitations of the medium that those old books & magazines are still some of my favorite cultural art pieces in existence. Miller's style evokes new Philippe Druillet, Ralph Steadman, & old, Hieronymus Bosch, & Albrecht Durer, giving some of the old a blast of the disjointed new & some of the new the resonance & strength of the old. That's how it should be done right? Here are some HP Lovecraft Covers that Ian Miller did.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I've been wanting to start a store for a while now... but the whole cyber world & the terrible economy make it almost stupid to start a real world, physical store. Which totally sucks, because a real store is where it's at. Anyhow, i'm gonna start this thing up online first, as a distro for Metal, Punk, Trash Culture & Occult crap. If that works out & i'm pulling money in, i'll open up a storefront & make that shit look wild.
The Hellmouth

Hellmouth 2

Hellmouth color

Aeron featured a whole mess of Hellmouths on Monster Brains. CHECK IT OUT!
Here's the argument against online businesses just like that. Presentation. Real world presentation. You can't beat it. You can control the lighting, the smell, the sounds, how stuff is displayed, what people see upon entering, all that stuff. Fire up my smoke machine for special events... weird smelling incense burning all the time. Maybe some retarded black cat lurking around... etc.

Yo, does anyone know what that green monstrous door, i think it's French, from the Art Nouveau period is called? I'm trying to get a good picture of it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lest We Forget

For all those who have served.
Bolt Thrower - Lest We Forget

Bolt Thrower _ Remembrance

From Bolt Thrower's "For Victory", one of the best albums ever recorded.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Otto von Bismarck has a famous quote involving laws & sausages & their unsightly origins, but this has always seemed a slight against sausages. I could definitely do without laws, but sausages... sausages are another matter altogether. Like the pigs most sausages are made from, sausages take substandard food & transform it, almost magically into something delicious & integral to the culture. There is something alchemical about stuffing this meat back into its own intesting, something ouroborotic about it. No? Maybe Bismarck was right though, in that there is a base reality to the sausage, just like laws, because even though i personally can do without them, they are a dirty mechanism for the messy society we live in.
Hans Volzer - Sausage Magnate
Hans Volzer - Sausage Magnate from a Children of the Moon campaign i'm running.
"The living being had no need of eyes when there was nothing remaining outside him to be seen; nor of ears when there was nothing to be heard; and there was no surrounding atmosphere to be breathed; nor would there have been any use of organs by the help of which he might receive his food or get rid of what he had already digested, since there was nothing which went from him or came into him: for there was nothing beside him. Of design he was created thus, his own waste providing his own food, and all that he did or suffered taking place in and by himself. For the Creator conceived that a being which was self-sufficient would be far more excellent than one which lacked anything; and, as he had no need to take anything or defend himself against any one, the Creator did not think it necessary to bestow upon him hands: nor had he any need of feet, nor of the whole apparatus of walking; but the movement suited to his spherical form was assigned to him, being of all the seven that which is most appropriate to mind and intelligence; and he was made to move in the same manner and on the same spot, within his own limits revolving in a circle. All the other six motions were taken away from him, and he was made not to partake of their deviations. And as this circular movement required no feet, the universe was created without legs and without feet." ~Plato

This fantastic piece "Uprising of Sausages & Hot Dogs" is by Sergey Tyukanov.
Everything in life has an end. Only sausages have two.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Highway Star

The nightmare of Puritan* America & my wet dream...

Deep Purple - Highway Star

One day, i'd like to have a studio/hideaway up on a mountain right at the intersection between the dark woods & some nice bit of green fields with wildflowers & the like. This studio might just have to look something like a Cuckoo Clock. Of course, the studio wouldn't be too far from the enormous Goblinist Monastery/walled city that i'm planning on building or at least designing eventually.

* It's important to note that when i say puritan i don't mean "The Puritans" but rather, the starchy moralistic puritan impulse against fun & the maximumization of the material world we live in. Keep in mind that my own desire for maximum fun is tempered by my Platonic notions of Traditionalism.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blitzkrieg Buttons!

blitzkrieg buttons logo
Blitzkrieg Buttons have launched on the internet! I've been manufacturing the coolest buttons around for years now but never got the whole operation "online". In the old days, the only way to get my buttons was to happen into a shop i'd just sold them to before they sell out. Blitzkrieg Buttons specializes in "OH MY GOD, WHERE'D YOU GET THAT BUTTON" Buttons. They are also, like me, BIGGER & BALLSIER THAN THE STANDARD, WIMPY 1" buttons! I do 1.5" & 2" buttons, which are $2 & $3 ppd. in the USA respectively. Go to the Blitzkrieg Buttons catalog & GET SOME FOR YOURSELF!!!