Sunday, June 14, 2009

Apocalypse Punx & Bird-faced Goblin gits.

Bird-faced Goblin Git
John the Cook has put together the Apocalypse Punx Guide to Food Preservation. Unlike most Punk oriented cook-books, this one isn't vegan, because after the bomb, no one is vegan, believe you me. I've come to suspect that promoting veganism amongst the punks is a way to keep them weak either way. Anyhow, i knocked out this cover for the pamphlet which i am very excited to see in the fall.
Apocalypse Punx Guide To Food Preservation
Motörhead - I Got Mine

This is the soundtrack for today! I found a straight-razor at the flea market. Look out! Katie got me Van Halen & Def Leppard cloissoine pins

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