Thursday, June 4, 2009

White Dwarf #1

It doesn't entirely sit right with me that one of my favorite magazines of all time is White Dwarf. This is partially because of the same uncomfortable relationship i have with the world of fantasy & gaming, but these transgressions are redeemed because of WHY i am interested in the world of fantasy & the vehicles that fantasy uses to be expressed in the real world. Just as in the previous Varg Vikernes & John Blanche posts, the world of fantasy is my idealism. It isn't a perfect world, in fact, it is made richer by the types of nasty things that lurk within, but it is a much more romantic & meaningful world than the world in which we live. I spent a while trying to live in the real world, i always try, i'm always making sure i've got a firm footing on the soil of reality, but it is never satisfying. I'm not sure if this is right or wrong, but it's the way it is, & it's the way it has always been for me. The goal is to merge the two, obviously many of the aspects of the fantastic world are impossible, however, alot of them aren't. My dream of having a walled roadhoouse out in the countryside to go drink at & then crash in a simple, unadorned room. Or space travel! Space piracy! These things are all possible. I'm increasingly feeling that i owe it to myself & my sons & you to bring these things into reality. Fantastic games & art & music are the beginning, they are inspirational seeds or tastes of what we could have. Here's White Dwarf #1 in PDF form if you weren't lucky enough to procure an issue for yourself on a raiding mission long ago. Thanks to the characters at The Gnome's Lair for this one!

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  1. yes. please make space piracy a reality. go. now.