Thursday, June 25, 2009

Planting the Seeds of Revolution

In 1997 i played drums for the Baltimore based Peace Punk band A//Political. Even then, when i was still marginally towing the leftist line, it was a funny mix. Musically it wasn't, i'm a great Punk Rock drummer, faster than anyone out there as far as i know. Lyrically, the whole Peace Punk thing is not where i'm at in any way shape or form. Peace Punks are like Skinheads, in that they are programmed to fight each other. Peace Punks fight with political theory, which is more boring than fighting with boots & chains if you ask me. It's also more frustrating. Anyhow, as far as i am concerned, there is nothing more obnoxious than someone telling you how to think or what to do or any of that stuff, that is my connection to anarchism. You want to tell me what to do? Fuck off. Period. Peace Punks are essentially Stalinists in smelly trousers who don't have the balls to actually create the nightmare state which will insure that everyone is mentally healthy, because they know that a nightmare state is a nightmare, so they end up in this cyclical mind-fuck of depression caused by their undeniable failure as a cultural phenomenon, but they have a fetish for the idea of Peace Punk & so they stick to it. One of my other biggest peeves is people who are always being oppressed by everything. A//Political have a song called "Stop Thinking & Pogo" which i suppose is a criticism of the Punks who are into Punk because they want to try to have some fun. They also have a song called Punk is a Ghetto, which is true, but it's a self-inflicted ghetto. Choice. Anyhow, i just wanted to write a bit about this, because i just saw Angel, the founder & lead-guitarist & co-vocalist for A//Political up in Portland. He doesn't like me anymore because of my views & general demeanor i imagine, as i don't tow the Anarcho Communist line & think all of that politics shit is a waste of time anyhow. They had a song called, It's Not About Politics, It's About Life, a sentiment, which i agreed with completely, but once again, friendships were discarded over doctrinaire disagreements more than i've ever seen in that little world. I've known similar people who i thought were friends over the years, who will choose their political convictions over friendship every time. I think they're cowards & possibly the worst kind of people on the planet.
YOU CAN DOWNLOAD & READ MORE HERE... That's a link to the demo i'm playing drums on. I did some song arranging as well.
In the end, it comes down to friendship & character. Here's a lyrical transcription of their song, "Stop Thinking & Pogo", a real anti-fun anti-culture bolshevik call to arms. Reminds of the time we went to go protest a Shriner Circus because it had animals, i was just along for the ride. These black-clad anarcho-commies were handing out propaganda to all these nice little families who just wanted to see the circus. When the head of the circus came out in full clown get-up to plead with them to leave, & i saw the looks of dread on the parents face as the "Punks" handed out PETA coloring books to their kids, i knew i was on the wrong side.

When we went up to Portland to see the Entartete Kunts show & take the boys to the zoo, there was a large mob of PETA people protesting the zoo having elephants. Once again, freakily dressed anti-traditional types trying to ruin the fun of lots of regular old working-class families. These people are the shock-troops of the New World Order, their job is to destroy tradition & to temporarily fill the gap with bureaucratic psychotherapy culture. They are out to weaken us, to take away our traditions, to destabilize the basic organizing unit of tradition, the family & everything else that keeps the general mass from being totally dependent on the state.
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The seeds of revolution had definitely been planted in me, i left Baltimore fully understanding that i did not want to have anything to do with the left.

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  1. He!he! I have zines (anacho-punk stuff) where there are articles about how bad is pogo… I mean I started to pogo when I was 12! Fuck them! Here that’s with black and death metal that the pogos are the most powerful (metalheads are so respectful that it is possible to generate a very violent pogo). The noise scene is the worst. It’s like you just have to stand, shut your gob because the music is too loud and be serious as if you were listening to classical music (obviously in classical concerts at least it is possible to sit and open your consciousness and emotions to what you hear). Also in those fucking small HC techno raves sometime you just have to dance in a very minimalist way in front of the loudspeaker. If someone looks the other way or tries to communicate visually with other ravers it disturbs them (many are paranoid conformist individuals). Last year they just hit a guy who had “too much fun”… You may know how fashionable it is to throw “annoying people” on the floor and collectively kick them. Yea fuck people who want to tell us the way we have to think and fuck people who want to tell us the way we have to behave. I mean somebody can convince me that something is good but I expect him to also listen to what I have to say. And I’m not going to “obey”. And generally I prefer people to show me and make me understand things rather than lead me and impose me “the truth”, ‘the good” or “the normal”. We are entering the age of trash normalopathie, the sons of Christianity (especially the frigid part of protestant Christianity) are feeling they are lucid because they are depressed, and I guess they are just naïve when they don’t realise that they imitate in a passive, boring and mental manner the liberation movements which they think were just “too idealist” or “too naïve”. It seems that all their pride is just an ersatz. He! He! He! Is it not frustration? Anyway.