Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No Age Can Destroy It

Directions, before reading this post, click on the youtube video below of Emperor doing "I am the Black Wizards". This is the theme music for your visit to this blog. Okay, now you can start reading.
"No age will escape my wrath. I travel through time & I return to the future. I gather wisdom now lost. I visit again the eternally ancient caves."
I turned 33 this June 7th. Jesus Christ was crucified at 33, i imagine that this was because he had fully developed his amazing techniques for being a total pain in the ass & the powers that be decided to get rid of him. Of course, killing Christ transformed him from a man into something much more than a man. Anyhow, i realized at some point recently that i had a major Christ complex when i was in high school... Catholic high school. I most have been possessed. Anyhow, Jesus would have definitely not done well in Catholic school either! But now, now that i'm 33 i think Jesus is quite the foolish fellow. I still suffer from prophetic drives, i have the bizarre urge to travel to the top of a mountain & hole myself away in a little shack scribbling away at my Great Work... but either way, i am always spreading my philosophy wherever i go, regardless of whether it is apparent or not. At 33, all of this is definitely burbling out of me at a greater volume than before & i have made an agreement with myself, or is it my other self, to turn that very volume up to 11 & blow out the fucking amplifiers. Goblinism is in the ascendant. I'm quite sure that i don't want to drive this car off the cliff into symbolic existence, but i'm pretty sure i'm going to be close to the edge this year.
Fun reading on the double-headed eagle.


  1. "Close to the Edge!" That's such a great song. "I Am the Black Wizards," too, of course. It was one of the godsends (and I really think it was God behind it) around the time I turned 30. My entire 30-33 period was incredibly transcendent (33 came right on time for me), and I imagine yours will continue to be as well. Have fun and don't get too crucified!

  2. I've had a "YES" feeling for a while now, but it's going totally unfed. I staved it off for a bit by reading my Roger Dean books. There are definitely things burbling about though.

  3. Watch your back man, a pagan may try to eat you to assimilate your power.