Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Highway Star

The nightmare of Puritan* America & my wet dream...

Deep Purple - Highway Star

One day, i'd like to have a studio/hideaway up on a mountain right at the intersection between the dark woods & some nice bit of green fields with wildflowers & the like. This studio might just have to look something like a Cuckoo Clock. Of course, the studio wouldn't be too far from the enormous Goblinist Monastery/walled city that i'm planning on building or at least designing eventually.

* It's important to note that when i say puritan i don't mean "The Puritans" but rather, the starchy moralistic puritan impulse against fun & the maximumization of the material world we live in. Keep in mind that my own desire for maximum fun is tempered by my Platonic notions of Traditionalism.

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