Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bad News: Very Metal

Bad News were the spoof Heavy Metal band created by Adrian Edmondson (Vyvyan Bastard from the Young Ones) for the Comic Strip. The parody launched before America's "This Is Spinal Tap", which i love, but feel that those guys never really got Heavy Metal. Parody tends to be more dated than the thing it is making fun of, but Bad News hold up quite well. I'm waiting for someone to parody the absurdly pretentious world of Black Metal (outside of the actual Black Metal bands). The saving grace of early Heavy Metal is that it is still rooted in the basic reality of Rock & Roll & sure, it delves into fantasy all the time, but nothing like Dimmu Borgir. Love the detail that they're all wearing white shoes (just like early 80s Motörhead) on the cover. Enjoy.
Bad News Tour

Bad News - Warriors of Genghis Khan

There's more. Just look for it.
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  1. the guy on the right is an original young ones cast member
    but he and the producer had some beef so he was replaced
    with the famous mike

  2. the album is rad but the monologue tracks would be a little better
    placed after all the rock'n
    it feels wonky the way they lined it up for this late'st release

  3. For a parody record alot of the tracks are surprisingly listenable... same thing with "Lentil Nightmare" on Neil's Heavy Concept Album, which is one of my favorite songs of all time.