Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ian Miller - HP Lovecraft Covers

UK based Games Workshop did alot of us a favor in the 80s by approaching the production of their games in a totally insane way. Lots of atmospheric source material, fantastic graphic design & top of the line artists, but not "top of the line" in terms of just being good renderers or looking "professional", that's what we've got now, dry & boring, no, Games Workshop artists tended to actually be ARTISTS. Ian Miller was probably the most ART of all of the Games Workshop crew. Honestly, it didn't really make sense to have an artist like Ian Miller doing art for war-games aimed at 12 year olds, BUT, this was an advanced move that has placed that 80s Games Workshop product in a realm of its own, taking it so far beyond the imagined limitations of the medium that those old books & magazines are still some of my favorite cultural art pieces in existence. Miller's style evokes new Philippe Druillet, Ralph Steadman, & old, Hieronymus Bosch, & Albrecht Durer, giving some of the old a blast of the disjointed new & some of the new the resonance & strength of the old. That's how it should be done right? Here are some HP Lovecraft Covers that Ian Miller did.

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