Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blitzkrieg Buttons!

blitzkrieg buttons logo
Blitzkrieg Buttons have launched on the internet! I've been manufacturing the coolest buttons around for years now but never got the whole operation "online". In the old days, the only way to get my buttons was to happen into a shop i'd just sold them to before they sell out. Blitzkrieg Buttons specializes in "OH MY GOD, WHERE'D YOU GET THAT BUTTON" Buttons. They are also, like me, BIGGER & BALLSIER THAN THE STANDARD, WIMPY 1" buttons! I do 1.5" & 2" buttons, which are $2 & $3 ppd. in the USA respectively. Go to the Blitzkrieg Buttons catalog & GET SOME FOR YOURSELF!!!


  1. My Lentil Village button and my Astrum Argentum button (from Dylan) still get me the most "Oh my god, where'd you get that button"s. I like 'em at the wimpy one-inch size, personally. But I'm a degree or two more understated than you.

  2. Ha, a degree or two to be sure. I still have some Lentil Village buttons kicking around... maybe i should send you some to give to people. Lentil Village turned into Lentil Nightmare.