Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Sid in Paris with Sex Pistols product commercials. This is the way 50% of commercials & movies should look & sound. Period.

Danny James just reminded me about Bugout Society's "The Saved Sid's Brain" video. I think we had taped it off public access TV. Bugout Society dresses exactly how poor dudes in Eugene dress with those sweatshirt flannel combinations, cheap jeans, sneakers & ball hats.

I'm remembering all of the talk about "Sid Vicious" type Punks & how much shit people would talk about them. Punk was funny because it was like a dog chasing its tail... or more weirdly, an ouroboros. On one hand it supposedly set out to destroy Rock & Roll & everything else, but it was so obviously a complete product of Rock & Roll that you'd get all this contrary insanity. Sid's appeal is obvious. He's a skinny Frankenstein.

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