Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Total Death

There's too much shit out there for our human brains to process in the proper way so things just aren't making sense anymore. If you live in a totally culturally destabilized country like the USA with never ending media streams it's even worse. It makes people retarded. We're still trying to process these media streams from decades ago & that's the people who are even trying. I don't believe in the concept of simplicity, but i do know that control is important for creating stability & that chaos is important for destabilization. Young minds are being completely destabilized by all of this shit.

True Norwegian Black Metal - Part 1
From Vice TV, came up on The Bad Apple.

As the mist clears, Middle Earth appears.


  1. It makes sense to me: Imagine you're in control of media that will be seen by millions and millions of people. Those with the most power would naturally let you in on it if you could keep populations destabilized and confused by using constant strategies of tension and controlled chaos— Enough chaos to keep them from fomenting real opposition, enough control/safety to allow them to continue working and consuming and plenty of drugs to keep that schism under wraps.

  2. -That's part of the reason why things like Black Metal and other "negative" genres ( Lovecraft, Horror film) are so attractive to me at various times; It's like a radical clearing of the decks, reducing it all to a blackened core.

  3. I just hope the future release of George Miller's 'Happy Feet' is presented in Mad IMax 3D!!!!