Thursday, April 23, 2009

BileZogBug & the Origin of the Goblins

Deep in the malodorous, cryptic guts of the earth, BileZogBug, a vulgar, bloated, demonic Goblin like entity is slurping from semi-digested piles of rotting human remains. These have been brought to him by the initiates of a unearthly Goblin "Maggot Fly" cult. The mystery of Goblin origin is revealed, as they are expunged as "witch's eggs" by this vile & magic monstrosity, phasing in & out of this plane. The eggs hatch & from them emerge corpulent, glistening & pale Goblin Maggots which, fed on scraps of rotting human meat & bilious earthen slime eventually develop into full-formed Goblins to be whisked away to the surface & away from any memories of their disgusting birth rites.
color version.
BileZogBug now in color!
My, my, look how they've grown!

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